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Josh Han Yun Jia, Associate Manager

At Life Inc., we understand that you want the freedom to live the life you want.

We specialise in insurance review, gap analysis, wealth planning and estate planning with an emphasis in personal insurance. We also provide consultation to businesses and corporations on risk management and risk mitigation strategies to ensure that companies are well equipped to manoeuvre through change and tide over crisis.


Life Inc. is a member of Advisors in-Sync, representing Great Eastern Life. As a dynamic team of qualified practitioners, we are dedicated to doing our best to provide relevant and quality service to our clients. Contact us today for a review.


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Personal Insurance


Our practice in personal insurance encompasses rendering advice on the three major pillars of Risk Management, Wealth Management and Legacy Planning.


Personal Risk Management strategies involve the utilisation of financial tools to protect clients’ wealth against unforeseen calamities; such tools include:


§  Healthcare Coverage

§  Accidental Coverage

§  Income Protection

§  Critical Illness Coverage

§  Total Permanent Disability Coverage



Wealth Management strategies enable clients to achieve their wealth accumulation goals in alignment with their risk appetites; such plans include:


§  Investment Plans

§  Savings Plans

§  Retirement Plans


Legacy Planning is achieved by the creation of immediate estates via the establishment of trust assets so that clients can preserve their assets and wealth for future generations.



Corporate Insurance


We assist businesses and corporations in conceptualising tailor-made strategies targeted at both management and employee level to provide for asset protection and human resource welfare benefits. These strategies are seamlessly integrated with the businesses’ and corporations’ existing business operations and business continuity plans.


Management Level strategies aim to manage and mitigate risk arising from changes or disasters that may occur at management level; such products include


§  Key Man Insurance

§  Director’s Buy-Sell Agreements

§  Employee Retention Plans

§  Performance Bonds

§  Public Liability


At Employee Level, we are experienced in advising on and rendering non-portable and portable benefits for employees. Non-portable benefits include:


§  Group Term Life coverage

§  Group Term Living coverage

§  Group Personal Accident coverage

§  Group Hospital and Surgical coverage

§  Group Dental coverage

§  Work Injury Compensation


Portable benefits take the form of conducting of workshops and lunchtime talks for employees to raise awareness on the importance of financial planning.



General Insurance


As a full service insurance agency, we also provide general insurance products which include:


§  Fire Insurance

§  Motor Insurance

§  Travel Insurance

§  Maid Insurance



Careers with Life Inc.


If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, entrepreneurial, looking to write your own pay cheque and want to be part of our dynamic team of financial planners, you are the one we are looking for.


Remuneration and Benefits

You are not limited by any pay scales, income ceilings or your boss’ appraisal. You have full control over your renumeration and bonuses. You get to go on annual incentive leisure trips and travel the world. You decide your work hours. 


In-House Training Program

Life Inc. has a unique in-house training program with one-to-one coaching sessions to equip you with the necessary skills of a life planner.



Applicants must be Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents and possess minimally, a Diploma (in any course of study).


Call us at 6880 3837 for a career profiling interview today!



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